Founded in 2012 by Andrea and Oriana Makhoul sisters.

Khoul Outfits was cultivated on the principles of creativity, femininity, and sophistication portrayed in tropical vibes. It is for women that are influenced by creativity, beauty, and fashion. Their mission is not only to design clothing but to inspire women to embrace their uniqueness in all aspects of their lives including being socially oriented. All Khoul Outfits products from the patterns through the design of their fabrics are crafted using handpicked, high-end raw materials, everything it’s handmade by our team. Each of our pieces is designed with love, careful detail and proudly produced right here in our home country Venezuela.


From being competitive thanks to all the sports she has practiced to fashion. Oriana is the creative part of this duo, she’s in charge of the execution, from the design to the confection and even marketing where her vision shared with her sister comes to reality.


Andrea, it’s the oldest between the Makhoul sisters. She is in charge of the overall production and part of the design where she shares her ideas with her sister Oriana. Andrea recently had her first baby “Khoul” nowadays she sees in her a whole new level of inspiration.


We are inspired by women who love to travel and have a young spirit. She’s environmental and fashion-oriented. A Khoul Muse is confident, friendly, unafraid to take risks, and most stylish. She’s an inspiration for other women.


We produce all of our ready-to-wear collections in our factory located in Caracas, Venezuela where we also design our own fabrics. We operate efficiently thanks to our employees and the great work environment. Our Khoul House is more than a factory. You’ll be able to enter and visit our showroom and spend quality time with your friends and our designers Andrea & Oriana. Our vision is to have a place where all of our customers can get to know more about our production process and be able to have coffee and talk about fashion with us.


Here at Khoul Outfits, we believe we do our best job when we are inspired, helping, and taking care of our community. we help our community by creating jobs domestically and invest in them by offering flexible hours, food, and even transportation. We believe in teamwork and employee satisfaction so if our team is happy we are too.

Let’s start Koüling!